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Patrick Rourke
2014-09-10 21:00:51 UTC
Noticed this on Twitter, thought it might be of interest:

ISAW Extends Participation in Digital Latin Library Project
by Tom Elliott — Sep 10, 2014

ISAW's Associate Director for Digital Programs, Tom Elliott, will travel
this month to Norman, Oklahoma to participate in a workshop launching the
first year of an implementation grant to the University of Oklahoma for a
Digital Latin Library (DLL). This project, funded by the Andrew W. Mellon
Foundation and conducted under the joint auspices of the Society for
Classical Studies, the Medieval Academy of America, and the Renaissance
Society of America, aims to produce a Linked Open Data (LOD) resource for
the study and publication of Latin texts of all eras. It will host
original, scholarly content that will extend, complement, and interoperate
with other like-minded resources such as the Dickinson College
Commentaries, EAGLE Europeana, the Leipzig Open Philology Project,
Papyri.info, and the Perseus Digital Library and its Perseids Platform.
ISAW previously participated in a Mellon-funded planning grant for the
project (2012-2013).

Working closely with Classics Professor Samuel Huskey and his
co-Investigators at the University of Oklahoma, Professor June Abbas
(School of Library and Information Studies) and Professor Chris Weaver
(Computer Science), workshop participants will collaborate to lay the
groundwork for the anticipated output from the first year of the
implementation grant:

* a content management system for the library component of the Digital
Latin Library;
* a user behavior study to optimize resources for different classes of user;
testable prototypes of the visualization environment for texts in the
Library of Digital LatinTexts; and
* a number of scholarly and educational materials on the development and
use of born-digital critical editions.

Other participants include Hugh Cayless (Duke Collaboratory for Classics
Computing) and Professor James Ginther and Patrick Cuba (Department of
Theological Studies and Center for Digital Humanities, Saint Louis
Patrick Rourke
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