Roman Asia Minor: odd factoid
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DANIEL P. Tompkins
2014-10-02 18:07:37 UTC
Greetings from Athens. Today I visited the Center for Asia Minor Studies
<http://en.kms.org.gr/Home.aspx>, located on one of the most charming
corners in Plaka, where a nondescript 19th century church on Kudathenaion
becomes a very nice Byzantine original as you walk past it. The center is
in one of the oldest "modern" buildings in Athens, 1842, and has a number
of important documents, including texts reflecting the versions of Greek
used in various parts of the region, e.g. Cappadocian.

The Center devotes a lot of effort to the lives of Greeks under the Ottoman
Empire, and has been focusing on Cappadocia, with a visit there last summer.

The Roman factoid is that the library is organized by geographical areas
of Turkey, and uses the Roman geographical categories rather than the
Ottoman vilayets, because the Roman organization turned out, as I
understand it, to be more precise.

Sites like this, as well as the wonderfully redesigned Byzantine Museum
here, certainly give a sense of continuities in Greek culture, well worth


Dan Tompkins