GreekKeys 2015 Plan
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Patrick Rourke
2014-09-16 18:54:03 UTC
Forwarded on behalf of Donald Mastronarde. If you have any questions,
please contact him.


Announcement: the next version of GreekKeys keyboards and fonts

September 16, 2014

During 2015 I will be working on updates to the GreekKeys keyboards and
fonts. The major goals are to create modern (signed) installers and to add
Linear B characters to New Athena Unicode font. In addition an effort will
be made to circumvent the many obstacles that Microsoft Windows and Word
for Windows create by hard-coding certain key combinations that override
the keyboard design. The possibility of an iOS version of the keyboard will
also be explored. The OpenType substitution features of the fonts may be
revised (from liga to ccmp).

As this will be the last revision of GreekKeys that I intend to work on, I
would like to satisfy as many desiderata of users as possible during this
process. I encourage users to contact me in the next few months if they
have any suggestions or requests, especially under the following headings:

* Are there particular additional Unicode characters that you would
like to see in New Athena
Unicode (or in all the fonts, that is, including AttikaU,
BosporosU, and KadmosU)?

* Are there particular additional Unicode characters that you would
like to be able to enter from
the GreekKeys keyboard?

Finally, it would be most useful to have beta testers. If you want to
volunteer, let me know.

Donald Mastronarde, ***@berkeley.edu
GreekKeys support: http://apagreekkeys.org