Forthcoming: Carl W. Blegen: Personal and Archaeological Narratives
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Kayla Burson
2014-10-21 18:10:25 UTC
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Carl W. Blegen:
Personal and Archaeological Narratives

edited by Natalia Vogeikoff-Brogan, Jack L. Davis, and Vasiliki Florou

ISBN: 9781937040222 (pb); 9781937040239 (PDF eBook); 9781937040246 (EPUB
eBook) Page Count: xii, 240 pages, illus.

Publication Date: January 2015

Regular Price: $34.95

*Pre-order Price: $27.95*


Carl Blegen is the most famous American archaeologist ever to work in Greece,
and no American has ever had a greater impact on Greek archaeology. Yet
Blegen, unlike several others of his generation, has found no biographer. In
part, the explanation for this must lie in the fact that his life was so
multifaceted: not only was he instrumental in creating the field of Aegean
prehistory, but Blegen, his wife, and their best friends, the Hills ("the
family"), were also significant forces in the social and intellectual
community of Athens. Authors who have contributed to this book have each
researched one aspect of Blegen's life, drawing on copious documentation in
the United States, England, and Greece. The result is a biography that sets
Blegen and his closest colleagues in the social and academic milieu that gave
rise to the discipline of classical archaeology in Greece.

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