CFP: "Julian" at the 2016 SCS Annual Meeting
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Paul Kimball
2014-09-20 15:03:19 UTC
Dear Colleagues,

I'm forwarding this CFP on behalf of the organizer, Gavin Kelly.


*Call For Papers The Emperor Julian*

*Organizer: Gavin Kelly, University of Edinburgh*

*Sponsored by the Society for Late Antiquity*

Julian ruled as sole emperor for less than 20 months between November 361
and June 363; however, his reign is among of the best attested periods of
ancient history, and more of his writings survive than of any previous
Roman emperor. The last pagan emperor was also the first emperor born in
Constantinople, and the first to have been baptized and brought up as a
Christian. His religious reversal made Julian the object of intense
interest debate for contemporaries such as Libanius, Gregory Nazianzen, and
Ammianus Marcellinus (recently illuminated in Gregory’s case by Susanna
Elm’s *Sons of Hellenism, Fathers of the Church*); he continued to provoke
fascination throughout the Byzantine period and for historians and writers
since the renaissance, including among many others Gibbon, Ibsen, and
Cavafy. Interest in his religious reaction and the vivid personality
revealed in his and his contemporaries’ writings has stimulated numerous
popular biographies and biographically oriented scholarly works, and to
some extent overshadowed literary interest in his works (though see now
Nicholas Baker Brian and Shaun Tougher (eds.), *Emperor and Author*), or
interpretation of his actions in the broader context of fourth-century
political history. His context in the religious history of the period might
merit further attention in the light of contrasting recent views of the
religious history of the fourth century from Alan Cameron and Peter Brown.
We invite proposals for papers on Julian as politician, as author, or as
thinker; on the relationship between his actions and his writing; on Julian
in the context of fourth-century literature and history; and on perceptions
of Julian, whether by contemporaries or by later historians and creative

This panel, sponsored by the Society for Late Antiquity, will form part of
the 2016 meeting of the Society for Classical Studies (formerly the
American Philological Association), to take place in San Francisco between
7 and 10 January 2016. One-page abstracts (ca. 400 words) for papers
requiring a maximum of 20 minutes to deliver should be sent by email
attachment to Gavin Kelly at ****@ed.ac.uk <***@ed.ac.uk>*
no later than Monday, 1*6 February 2015*. Please follow the SCS’s
instructions for the format of individual abstracts:
Prospective panelists must be members in good standing of the SCS at the
time of submission and must include their SCS membership number in the
cover letter accompanying their abstract. All proposals will be judged
anonymously by two referees. Note that submitting an abstract represents a
commitment to attend the meeting and that the Society for Late Antiquity
cannot provide funding for travel.
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