Graduate Student Caucus of the Classical Association of Canada
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Jessica Romney
2014-10-20 14:22:08 UTC
Apologies for any cross-posting.

The Graduate Student Caucus (GSC) of the Classical Association of
Canada/Société canadienne des études classiques (CAC/SCEC) would like to
invite students engaged in graduate studies of any level and interested in
participating in the activities of the GSC and the Association to join the
GSC Facebook page and/ or Google Group. Job postings, calls for papers,
teaching/ research aids, and items of general interest to Classicists, in
Canada and abroad, are posted there.

The Facebook page can be found at:

The GSC organizes a professionalization panel at the CAC/SCEC annual
meeting, normally held in May, that is targeted specifically at graduate
students. This year’s panel was comprised of papers on entering the
academic and non-academic job market; past papers have touched on topics
such as technology in the classroom, performance in the early career years,
and the transition from graduate student to faculty member. The GSC meets
during the CAC/SCEC annual meeting. Membership in the CAC/SCEC is not
required for participation in the Facebook site; it is required for giving a
paper at the annual meeting.

Further information on the GSC and on joining the CAC/SCEC can be found

The CAC/SCEC offers a discount membership rate for students, and graduate
students are automatically enrolled in the GSC without any additional cost.
Membership includes a subscription to the Association’s journals Mouseion
and Phoenix (the latter now available online to subscribers), as well as to
the Association mailing list, the Canadian Classical Bulletin/Bulletin
canadien des études classiques.

Please forward to any who would be interested. Questions can be directed to
Jessica Romney (Communications Officer) at ***@bristol.ac.uk.