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The Edges of the Roman World

edited by Marko A. Jankovic, Vladimir D. Mihajlovic and Stasa Babic

Hardback, 305 pages
Publication Date: April 2014

Regular Price: $84.95 / Special Offer Price: $68.00

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

The Edges of the Roman World is a volume consisting of seventeen papers
dealing with different approaches to cultural changes that occurred in the
context of Roman imperial politics. Papers are mainly focused on societies on
the fringes, both social and geographical, and their response to Roman
Imperialism. This volume is not a textbook, but rather a collection of
different approaches which address the same problem of Roman Imperialism in
local contexts. The volume is greatly inspired by the first Imperialism and
Identities at the Edges of the Roman World conference, held at the Petnica
Science Center in 2012.

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Galen's De indolentia:
Essays on a Newly Discovered Letter

edited by Trevor W. Thompson, by Clare K. Rothschild

Paperback, xi, 336 pages
Publication Date: August 2014

Regular Price: $160.00 / Special Offer Price: $128.00

Publisher: Mohr Siebeck
Series: Studien und Texte zu Antike und Christentum / Studies and Texts in
Antiquity and Christianity, 88

In 2005, a French doctoral student discovered Galen's long-lost treatise, De
indolentia or On the Avoidance of Distress in a monastic library in
Thessalonica. De indolentia is a letter to an unspecified addressee in which
Galen describes how he responded to the fire that destroyed much of his
library and medicines in 192 CE. The manuscript, catalogued in the Vlatadon
monastery as codex 14, is of unspeakable value to scholars of antiquity.
Classified with Galen's writings on moral philosophy, De indolentia provides
important evidence for second-century literary culture, including ancient
library culture. It also addresses topics of interest to scholars in the field
of ancient Christianity. The volume includes a brand new English translation
of the text, a collation of all discrepancies among the leading critical
editions of the Greek text, and essays by eminent scholars on different
aspects of the text.

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Hellenistic Poetry in Context

edited by M.A. Harder, R.F. Regtuit and G.C. Wakker

Paperback, 359 pages
Publication Date: May 2014

Regular Price: $87.00 / Special Offer Price: $70.00

Publisher: Peeters Publishers
Series: Hellenistica Groningana, 20

This volume is devoted to Hellenistic poetry in the context of the
contemporary world of third century Alexandria and beyond. This topic fits in
with the increasing interest in the role of literature in ancient society in
recent research, which has already been applied successfully to various
aspects of Hellenistic poetry. The subject also has an added interest because
for a long time there has been a tendency to regard this kind of poetry as art
for art's sake, a kind of autonomous poetry and display of virtuosity among
scholar-poets, who indulged in being as sophisticated as possible without
being in touch with the real world. This view has been rightly challenged in
recent years and the articles in this volume reflect this new approach, as the
authors investigate the ways in which Hellenistic poetry, played a part in its
social and cultural context.

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Le système conceptuel de l'ordre du monde dans la pensée grecque à l'époque
Timè, moira, kosmos, themis et dikè chez Homère et Hésiode

by V. Du Sablon

Paperback, 357 pages
Publication Date: March 2014

Regular Price: $65.00 / Special Offer Price: $52.00

Publisher: Peeters Publishers
Series: Collection d'Etudes Classiques, 27

This volume examines the idea of order in Homer and Hesiod through an analysis
of essential notions in relation to both the divine and human. Comparing the
use of time, moira, kosmos, themis, and dike in both oeuvres allows for a
better understanding of the differences for each of these terms so often
translated as order. Through ideas such as social recognition, decency, divine
and human justice, and the behaviors that result appears a conceptual system
that allowed ancient Greek thought to approach the world and human society in
accordance with an order sanctioned by Zeus. French text.

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«Conformément aux observations d'Hipparque»:
le Papyrus Fouad inv. 267 A

by A. Tihon and J.-L. Fournet

Paperback, iv, 190 pages
Publication Date: April 2014

Regular Price: $68.00 / Special Offer Price: $55.00

Publisher: Peeters Publishers
Series: Publications de l'Institut Orientaliste de Louvain, 67

The Papyrus Fouad inv. 267A is a document of exceptional importance for the
History of Ancient Astronomy. It consists of a fragment of a treatise written
in Alexandria around 130 AD. The preserved part, which occupies the recto and
verso of a single folio, deals with the Sun, the longitude of which has been
calculated according to three different years; sideral year, "mean year" of
365d 1/4, and tropical year. The text gives an example for November 9th at 3h
from midnight. The author refers to Hipparchus' observations, and quotes an
observation made at the Summer solstice in 158 BC. The present book gives a
detailed description of the papyrus, a diplomatic and a normalized edition by
Jean-Luc Fournet, as well as a translation followed by paleographical and
explanatory notes by Jean-Luc Fournet and Anne Tihon. The commentary by Anne
Tihon follows the text step by step and is accompanied by a glossary and
coloured photos. An annexe by Raymond Mercier gives a reconstruction of the
tables and a short mathematical analysis. French text.

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Ovids 'Metamorphosen':
Texte, Themen, Illustrationen

by Michael von Albrecht

Hardback, 262 pages
Publication Date: June 2014

Regular Price: $42.00 / Special Offer Price: $34.00

Publisher: Universitätsverlag Winter
Series: Heidelberger Studienhefte zur Altertumswissenschaft

Ovid's Metamorphoses, one of the most influential books in world literature,
provides an infinite source of inspiration for poets, painters, musicians and
psychologists. Between the quest for identity and its loss, man keeps changing
while also transforming his environment. The principle of metamorphosis
influences cities, kingdoms, gods, religions and even the appearance of the
earth. In this study, key motifs are made accessible through individual
interpretation. The focus lies on the text's literary qualities, not least the
overall structure consisting of three books in five parts, each of which forms
an individual reading unit, a fact that has barely been taken into
consideration thus far. Fifteen classical engravings also allow for a fresh
approach to the work as a whole. German text.

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Artificia mali:
Das Böse als Kunstwerk in Senecas Rachetragödien

by Kathrin Winter

Hardback, 340 pages
Publication Date: June 2014

Regular Price: $84.00 / Special Offer Price: $68.00

Publisher: Universitätsverlag Winter
Series: Bibliothek der klassischen Altertumswissenschaften, Neue Folge, 2.
Reihe, 145

The question of how to represent that which in terms of its excess and
monstrosity appears to elude any form of representation is a key motif in
Senecan Revenge Tragedy. When gruesome murders are meticulously staged and
appalled, yet fascinated eyes cannot stop watching unspeakable events, the
actual composition of evil deeds becomes the centre of attention and their
design the key issue. This study examines the principles according to which
manifestations of evil are presented in such powerful and precise ways. It is
particularly the paradox that turns out to be a fundamental principle of
tragedy and a device for representing evil. German text.

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Kaiser, Senatoren und Gelehrte:
Untersuchungen zum spätantiken männlichen Privatporträt

by Martin Kovacs

Hardback, 456 pages
Publication Date: July 2014

Regular Price: $148.00 / Special Offer Price: $119.00

Publisher: Dr. Ludwig Reichert Verlag
Series: Reihe B: Studien und Perspektiven;
Spätantike - Frühes Christentum - Byzanz, 40

The "Zeitgesicht" (face of the time), in which citizens matched their own
appearance to the image of the emperor, constitutes an important phenomenon in
Roman portrait art. After 300 years, at the time of Constantine the Great,
however, this clear expression of the previously prevailing ideology of the
Principate was abandoned, and in particular members of the imperial
aristocracy started looking for more adequate forms of image representation
that were unconnected to the emperor's appearance. At the same time in Greece,
the old elites were using the medium of the portrait as an expression of a
specific discourse on the past. Taking a variety of literary and epigraphic
sources into consideration, this study aims to provide a cultural-historical
classification of portraits in later antiquity, along with an exploration of
the significance of the genre of portrait sculpture for its contemporaries at
the end of classical antiquity, and ultimately to discuss why it was
eventually abandoned as a representational form. German text.

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