Grants awarded to support maritime archaeology
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June Samaras
2014-09-09 01:18:13 UTC

Grants awarded to support maritime archaeology
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Mazotos shipwreck

The UK-based Honor Frost Foundation (HFF) has awarded two separate grants
to support maritime archaeology projects at the University of Cyprus.

A scholarship of £10,000 sterling will be available every year for one new
student in the Master’s programme *Field Archaeology on Land and under the
Sea*, who will write a dissertation on a maritime subject.

The Master’s programme, beginning this month is part of the University of
Cyprus’s strategy to introduce maritime archaeology into the curriculum of
both its under- and post-graduate archaeological studies.

Also, a grant of €26,360 has been allocated to support the new underwater
archaeological investigation of a medieval shipwreck at Nissia, Paralimni,
conducted by the Maritime Archaeological Research Lab (MARELab), under the
direction of Dr Stella Demesticha.

At the site, remains of a large wooden ship have been exposed for decades
to natural disintegration and looting. The aim of the preliminary
investigation by MARELab, in collaboration with the department of
antiquities, is to make an archaeological assessment and to document the
wreck site, so that the proper protection and management actions may be

The Honor Frost Foundation was founded in 2011. Its mission is to promote
the advancement and research of maritime archaeology, with particular focus
on the eastern Mediterranean.

This was the wish of Honor Frost, a pioneer of underwater archaeology, who
left the bulk of her estate to establish the Foundation after her death.

Since 2013, when the HFF initiated its grant awards, three more proposals
have been approved for projects that involved the University of Cyprus: (i)
digital documentation of the Mazotos Shipwreck excavation (MARELab); (ii)
Support of Anna Demetriou’s PhD research on ‘Management of Ancient
Shipwrecks in the Mediterranean: the case of Cyprus’; (iii) ‘Training the
next generation’ — Cyprus Underwater Archaeology Filed schools, 2015-2019
(Nautical Archaeological Society, MARELab).
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